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Skin Soother Herbal Liniment for Dogs calms heals hypoallergenic anti-itch 200ml

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Our Skin Soother Hypoallergenic Liniment Solution 200ml, developed by our in-house herbal and nutritional expert, is for cats, dogs, kittens & puppies over 12 weeks old.
100% natural ingredients combined to work holistically; therapeutic, antiseptic, soothing & conditioning; to reduce irritation, scratching, dry skin, and hotspots caused by allergies and parasites.
Available in 200ml amber glass bottle.
To preserve the active ingredients, and reduce the use of plastic, our product is bottled in amber glass.

Directions for Use

  •     Shake bottle vigorously before use & replace lid firmly after use
  •     Apply topically daily either:
    • directly onto the affected area
    • or as a wash by mixing one part Skin Soother, four parts Apple Cider Vinegar, four parts water
  •     In the unlikely event of an adverse reaction, discontinue use
  •     Could cause smarting /stinging if applied to broken skin
  •     External Use Only
  •     Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight
  •     Keep out of reach of children


Aloe Barbadensis, Aqua, Malus sylvestris,  Verbascum thapsus, Lavandula Angustifolia.