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Skin Detox for Dogs remove toxins reduce itching and inflammation powder 40g

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Ards Animal Health Skin Detox for Dogs has been developed to combat pruritis caused by drug reactions, food allergies, kidney and liver disease, toxins such as drugs and pollutants, and other skin problems. Our Skin Detox, administered alongside our Skin Soother Liniment helps soothe irritation and reduce itching.

Available in 50g powder tamperproof pot.

Directions for Use

If animal is pregnant, lactating, taking medication or under veterinary supervision, consult vet before using

In the unlikely event of an adverse reaction, discontinue use

Shake before use & replace lid firmly after use

Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight

Keep out of reach of children


Feeding Guide

Gradually build up over two weeks to the following maximum daily quantity by weight of animal:  ¼ tsp per 5kg/11lb body weight up to a maximum of 2tsp for 40kg+ animal.

Using the above quantites:

If feeding wet food, mix powder directly into food. If feeding dry food, to make the powder stick, mix powder in with a little fish oil or water and add to food. Alternatively, for quicker absorption, make a tea with 10-30ml hot water, allow to cool and add to feed.


A blend of nine human food-grade non-GMO ingredients:

Kelp, Nettle, Dandelion, Burdock Root, Green Tea,  Mint, Garlic, Calendula, Clivers, Licorice.

Country of Origin: varies