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Natural Herbal Ear Drops for Dogs Canker, Dirt, Mites, Infections, Wax 15ml

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Ards Animal Health All-Natural Herbal Ear Drops 15ml formula for dogs and cats, developed by our in-house herbal and nutritional expert, is also suitable for kittens & puppies over eight weeks old.

  • Fast-acting Natural Herbal Formula for head-shaking, itching and odour
  • For ear mites, canker, minor fungal and bacterial infections, cleaning ear wax and dirt
  • Soothes to reduce irritation and head-shaking
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Recent feedback: "Marvellous Cleared my dog s ear canker within a couple of weeks", "fantastic i may need to order another tho but this worked a treat fantastric value for money"

For ear mites, canker, fungal and bacterial infections, ringworm, wax and dirt; a natural herbal fast-acting relief from head-shaking, itching and odour; a very simple solution and very easy to administer – no need to worry about sourcing starter kits, cotton buds or pads; antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory and soothing to reduce irritation, scratching and head-shaking.

Containing only 100% natural plant-derived ingredients known for their gentle but effective therapeutic actions, combined to work holistically to soothe, heal, reduce inflammation and cleanse.

    To preserve the active ingredients, our product is bottled in amber glass rather than plastic and sealed with a tamper-proof glass pipette for easy application.


    Directions For Use

    1. Warm bottle to body temperature by holding in hand for a few minutes.
    2. Shake bottle vigorously because contents settle.
    3. Cats & very small dogs up to 3 drops, large dogs up to 6 drops daily for up to two weeks.
    4. If mites suspected, apply drops to inside and flap of both ears.
    5. In the unlikely event of an adverse reaction occurring, discontinue use.

    Caution: This product may sting if applied to broken skin. Do not use if suspected ear drum perforation.



    Human food-grade Non-GMO Apple Cider Vinegar, Olive Oil, Medicinal Herbs and Vitamin E.

    Country Of Origin: Manufactured in-house within the UK from ingredients of more than one country