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Health, Well-being & Nutritional Consultations

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We are here to help in the prevention and management of nutritional related disorders and diseases and other health problems by providing affordable quality natural health supplements and advice.

Successfully helping in the treatment of conditions such as skin problems, allergies, arthritis, diabetes, laminitis, and obesity, we are not vets, so do not diagnose, but we can prescribe medication and do work with your vet’s diagnosis and advice to provide complementary support.

Sometimes it is really helpful to discuss your pet's problems with our Nutritionist as this satisfied customer found:-

I can only say a big thank you for being so helpful and understanding again. You are a lovely kind lady and I would highly recommend your business and give positive feedback. I cannot thank you enough for your advice and understanding shown to me about my dog's problems.

Take care and kind regards."

Mrs Young, Nottingham

One hour consultation with our nutritionist and registered animal health and medicines advisor who specialises in naturopathic nutrition for dogs, cats, avian (pet, sport and farm) and horses.

Contact us with your requirements, whether they're issues or concerns you would like addressed on general or sports nutrition, advice on pharmaceutical and herbal veterinary medicines and food supplements interactions or general health and well-being advice.