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Banish Natural Organic Parasite & Nuisance Insects Control For Birds 1kg

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Banish is a 100% natural organic internal and external parasite control formula containing Diatomaceous earth. For use on your animal and routinely within their environment including bedding to prevent reinfestations. Ideal to be left in dust baths and nest boxes.

The Science

The fossilised remains of diatoms (algae) have formed into rock which can be easily crumbled. In this state it provides a mechanical remedy to help control nuisance insects and parasites such as mites and worms. When taken internally, Banish lacerates the intruders enabling the animal host to expel them in their faeces.

EU-approved as an additive in animal feed and is suitable for all animals* including reptiles for internal and external parasite control.

Available in 1kg tubs.

* except small pregnant animals such as small cats, guinea pigs & hamsters.

Directions for Use

Not to be given to small pregnant animals (e.g. cats, guinea pigs and hamsters).

Avoid inhalation & eye contact with powder/dust. Close lid firmly after use and store in a dry place. Keep out of reach of children.


Suggested Application


Add to feed for 14 days at the following maximum rate.

Birds: 1tsp per kg feed

Small animals: ¼  tsp

Cats, small dogs, pups: 1tsp

Dogs over 25kg: 1 tbsp.


Apply liberally onto body (avoiding eyes) of animal & environment. Repeat on day 7, 14 & 21. For maximum efficiency, apply to environment at rate of 50g /m2.

As a litter, to keep the stable floor dry for about 5/6 weeks, apply a layer 1cm-1.5cm to floor.


100% Food-grade Diatomaceous Earth.

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