Omegas and Coconut Oils

Omega Oils and Coconut Oils for all animals

  • Cod Liver Oil 1000mg Capsules For Dogs

    Premium Cod Liver Oil Omega 3 Triple High Strength for Dogs Collagel Capsules. Available in 50 capsules pot and 100 capsules pouch.


  • Flaxseed Oil

    Premium Pure Cold-pressed Flaxseed / Flax / Linseed Oil Liquid Omega 3

    Available in 500ml, 1ltr & 5ltr bottles.



  • Natural E Oil

    Natural Vitamin E liquid for birds, companion animals and horses. For internal and external use. Free from soya.



  • Wheatgerm Oil

    Pure Wheatgerm (wheat germ) Oil richest natural source of Vitamin E and a powerful antioxidant for skin, heart, fertility and performance.




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