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TravelEase Natural Calmer for Horses and Ponies: anxiety travel-sickness stress fireworks

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This valerian-free TravelEase food supplement, developed to calm nerves and settle the stomach is suitable for all animals over 12 weeks old.

It calms and relieves anxiety, stress & travel sickness, and the accompanying digestive problems. This was initially developed for travel-sick animals but it has proved extremely effective at at calming your animal during thunderstorms, fireworks, visits to the vets and groomers and other "traumatic" events, as well as for those who are hyperactive / sensitive. 

Available as a powder in 500g bag.



100% natural human food-grade ingredients combined to work holistically: Plantago ispaghula, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Zingiber officinale, Melissa officinalis, Mentha Piperita and nothing else and nothing else (i.e no anti-caking, bulking agents, fillers, etc).

Directions for Use

  1. If your animal is pregnant, lactating, taking any medications, or under any veterinary supervision, please consult your vet before use.
  2. In the unlikely event of an adverse reaction occurring, discontinue use.
  3. Contents may settle, shake before use & replace lid firmly after use.
  4. Due to competitive racing rules, this product should not be given to your animal from seven days leading up to and including race day.
  5. Ideally, start feeding the night before the event or day of travelling as per the following suggested feeding guide.
Feeding Guide:

To calm nerves and settle the stomach, add to feed daily for up to two weeks at  30g per 100kg body weight, preferably split three times a day.  If feeding wet food, mix powder directly into food. If feeding dry food, to make the powder stick, mix powder in with a little oil or water and add to food. Alternatively, for quicker absorption, make a tea with 10ml hot water per 30g powder, allow to cool and add to feed.