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Senior Multi-Vit Natural Multivitamin & minerals for Cats powder supplement 50g

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Our Senior Multi-vit for cats consists of a blend of quality human food-grade ingredients developed in-house by our own nutritionist.

Specifically formulated for senior cats and dogs to assist support of joints, heart, liver and kidney functions.

Particularly suited to supplement

  • normal wet or dry pet-food as an insurance dose
  • or for those feeding a BARF, raw food diet.

100% natural ingredients with nothing artificial and no added sugar.

High in protein, calcium, B-vitamins, essential fatty acids, prebiotics and probiotics and other nutrients in a very digestible form.

Powder available in 50g tamper-proof pot

Directions for Use

  • If your animal is pregnant, lactating, taking any medications, or under any veterinary supervision, please consult your vet before use.
  • In the unlikely event of an adverse reaction occurring, discontinue use.
  • Contents may settle, shake before use & replace lid firmly after use.
  • Ensure adequate water is provided.
  • Not suitable for animals with an intolerance to yeast.

Feeding Guide

Gradually build up over two weeks to the following maximum daily quantity by weight of animal, preferably split three times a day.

Add powder to food at ¼ tsp per 5kg/11lb body weight up to a maximum of 2tsp for 40kg+ animal.

Using the above quantities

If feeding wet food, mix powder directly into food. If feeding dry food, to make the powder stick, mix powder in with a little fish oil or water and add to food. Alternatively, for quicker absorption, make a tea with 10-30ml hot water, allow to cool and add to feed.

One 50g pot gives approximately four months supply for a cat and very small dog, one month supply for a medium-sized dog, if fed daily.


Seaweed, Nettle, Dandelion, Alfalfa, Yeast, Astragalus, Burdock, Hawthorn, Marigold, Gotu Kola, Mint, Chicory, Psyllium Husk

Allergy Advice: Contains yeast and mint. For those requiring a yeast-free alternative, please see our yeast-free Multi-Vit listing.